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WYOMING Call to Action

You're up, Wyoming! It's time to contact your committee members. Here's the situation:

Last week Wyoming’s application for a Convention of States -- SJ0004 -- was reviewed by the Senate Rules Committee. The committee chairman, Senate President Phil Nicholes, moved to delay the vote until this week so he had more time to fully investigate the subject. 

The resolution will be heard again in the Senate Rules Committee today at 3 p.m. for the final vote. Please email and call each of the committee members listed below immediately and URGE them to support SJ0004 and pass it through the committee so it can be heard on the Senate floor.

Today's vote will decide the future of Wyoming’s application. Don’t delay in calling the following legislators! If you don't have time to call all of them, call one or two. Every interaction matters.

Please also spread the word to your contacts by sharing this post on your Facebook page or sending an email to your friends.

Senator Phil Nicholes: (307) 742-7140 –

Senator Eli Bebout: (307) 856-0375 –

Senator Chris Rothfuss: (307) 399-3556 –

Senator Bernadine Craft: (307) 382-1607 –

Senator Drew Perkins: (307) 234-1274 –

Your call or letter could be the deciding factor in the success of the Convention of States application today. Thank you for standing with us in the fight to preserve liberty in our country.