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WTN 99.7 Town Hall Event a Smashing Success: Steamrolling the Federal Government!

We had a fantastic time with Michael DelGiorno and Phil Valentine last night with the WTN 99.7 Town Hall Restore our Republic live broadcast. If you missed it here is the podcast: Super Talk 99.7 WTN Podcasts  (A WTN Town Hall - Convention of the States Hour 1 and A WTN Town Hall - Convention of the States Hour 2)

Phil and Michael had us rolling in the aisles all night … but more importantly, they helped the project as we steamroll Washington, D.C.!

Many thanks go out to Woodmont Bible Church and Lyndon Allen who not only graciously allowed us to use their building, but also seven (count’ em, seven!) microphones, expert audio setup, speaker tables, and an area for the lawmaker reception prior to the event. What a blessing they were to Phil, Michael, our lawmakers, our volunteers – and the public!

Many thanks also to the many COS volunteers who prepared the food for reception for our lawmakers and performed many other behind-the-scenes tasks to pull this event off. We have a GREAT group of volunteers!!!

We have 46 cosponsors (the list will be published shortly in another blog post). This is a fantastic result, and we are grateful for each and every cosponsor. But we’re not satisfied with 46. Other states are watching to see what happens in Tennessee. We need to run up the score as an encouragement to the lawmakers in those other states.

The message is simple: a representative who cosponsors our resolution is DEFINITELY for reining in the out-of-control federal government.

Any representative waits until the resolution reaches the floor and votes “Yes” can be considered a friend to the effort.

Any representative who fails to vote “Yes” on the floor (Votes “No” or passes or is absent without good cause) is FOR a runaway federal government stealing your rights and liberties.

Will your representatives fulfill their duty under Article V to protect you from the out-of-control federal government? If yes, then thank them. If not, then ask them why not!