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Wisconsin Call To Action



You can contact your legislators offices to ask them 3 things:

(enter your postal address in the upper right hand corner for your state senator and assemblyman)

1. Which private/campaign email address can we send the COS survey to? 

2. Can we rely on them to cosponsor our application in the 2017 session? 

Note:  In case they ask, the application is the first blue listed item in this page:

3.  Are they willing to endorse us with a video or letter? 

Then contact me with the information via or 414-750-0327. 

As of right now only 7 out of hundreds have submitted their feedback (i.e. Josh Young, Jordan Karweik, Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Jon Rygiewicz, Bob Kulp, Tom Crofton and Marcus Hart).  Each one of them are favorable or support us, but solid whip counts are preferable.   I can give you your district captain's contact info for local projects.