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Wisconsin Action Needed

Without your intervention, Wisconsin could be left out of the Convention of States (COS) conversation altogether, all because the legislature in Madison is being held hostage on the subject by a single legislator. 

Yes, that’s right--a single legislator believes that Wisconsin should not join the 37 other states that have already begun considering our model legislation. This legislation would have Wisconsin apply as provided in Article V of the US Constitution, to hold a Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments  placing fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting its size, scope, and jurisdiction, and imposing term limits on federal officials including Congress and the Supreme Court. 

Why would he do this? Because he believes the people of Wisconsin can’t handle considering two applications at the same time.  An Article V application proposing only a Balanced Budget Amendment already passed through the General Assembly earlier this year, and is set to be introduced in the Senate very soon. 

While a Balanced Budget Amendment is important, it alone will not fix the colossal mess we have in Washington DC. Consider what could happen if the States ratify only a Balanced Budget Amendment without any tax reforms--Congress could simply raise taxes without making the kind of reforms that are desperately needed.  Washington DC is broken in multiple ways.  We need a solution that will address all of the major, systemic problems that have turned our federal system upside down.  The COS application allows the States to propose multiple amendments, to make real reforms such as those Mark Levin promotes in his book, The Liberty Amendments,.  If you want term limits, tax and spending reform, an end to rule-by-bureaucrats, and a Balanced Budget Amendment, there is only one mechanism that can provide that, and it is the Convention of States model legislation.

I urge you to call your State Senator and Representative today. Tell them you want real, meaningful reform to a runaway Washington, D.C.! They can help by supporting the Convention of States model legislation.

Find your State Representative and State Senator HERE