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 To Decide, or to Not Decide? That Is The Question

With the approaching celebration of our Great Nation’s beginnings on July 4th, I can’t help but feel a little more patriotic. The Red, White and Blue are on full display everywhere you go. Firework stands in every major parking lot, glitter covered patriotic bows line the home decor sections of stores, and  miniature American flags can be purchased at most convenience stores. America, Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave…. With Liberty for All.

But this year, I’m feeling a little more patriotic for an entirely different reason. One that resonates more closely with our founders, and what they risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for.  Do you know what that reason is? I think Thomas Jefferson says it best.

“The issue  is the same now as it has been throughout all history …”





...“ Whether man shall be allowed to govern himself, or be ruled by a small elite.”    

Who Decides? Do We The People decide on the way we govern within our states? Or does the Federal Government decide how the states, and We The People, conduct our governance? For Thomas Jefferson and the rest of our Founding Fathers, this was the cornerstone principle question of the founding of our nation. And such a vitale one, that they were willing to risk it all, or die trying.

Our founders understood that man was born with some fundamental rights, that no one should have  liberty  taken from them, and be ruled over. For years, the colonists were left, to a large extent, alone by the British Empire. The early colonists had the luxury of being truly self-governing, rarely encountering the authority of its distant ruling King. Truly Free Patriots.

When Britain did start tossing its authority around in the colonies, they said, wait a second. What do you think you are doing? We have lived here just fine all on our own while you were gone. What gives you the right to think you have rule over us? We will decide what goes on in America thank you very much. And well, the rest is history. 

So, how does that make me feel more patriotic this year than in years past? Because today, we are faced with the same founding question of Who Decides. The Federal Government has grown expansively outside of it’s original intent and purpose. To such an extreme  degree, that the states have allowed our Government to assume authority over areas that it was clearly not meant to have, and that were explicitly left to the states, and the People.

Article V of the Constitution clearly states that We The People, acting through our state's legislatures, can regain control of an overreaching, tyrannical govt., by calling a convention to propose amendments to our Constitution, and if ratified, become part of the Constitution. Article V is for We The People to use in times of questions of who decides. Convention Of States is exercising this tool that the Founders left for us to use, and I am proud to say that I am part of that movement. Thus my feelings of increased patriotism.

I am fighting for the same fundamental rights that our Founders themselves fought and sacrificed everything for. Liberty, Freedom, Self-Governance, all words and ideals that they felt were worth the risk to die for. And I for one am thankful they did. I will continue with their risk, and fight for the answer to the very first question they asked… Who Decides?

We The People  !

Who do you think should decide? Send us a short video clip explaining who you think should decide, to, and we will post them on our state facebook page on the Fourth Of July. Please keep videos under 3 min in length.  Who Decides, is a question we should all be asking. Spread the word and Happy 4th of July from Convention of States Action California!!!