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We need a new strategy.

Mark Meckler spoke with Reason Magazine last week and explained why electing good people to Washington isn’t enough to stop the runaway train in D.C.
A “good” President can’t stop what Social Security is doing with your money, and “good” Congressmen won’t stop passing ridiculous pork barrel projects.
Meckler went on to explain how a Convention of States offers a safe, effective solution to federal overreach. Only state-proposed constitutional amendments can provide the changes necessary to get our country back on track.
If you still have questions about this process, we want to help! These three resources can provide researched, in-depth answers to your questions or objections.

George Washington statue

What amendments can we propose? We’ve listed eight amendments that delegates could propose at the Convention of States we’re working to call.



Questions Got questions? The John Birch Society had 16 of them, and we answered them all. 
Capitol Building Who controls a Convention of States? Can Congress hi-jack the process and advance their own agenda?