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West Virginia

We are NOT going away!

West Virginian Mountaineers!

Please enjoy this encouraging message below from Bob Berry, our Regional Manager:


I want to thank all of you who helped with our efforts to pass SCR 10.  As you have probably heard by now, the resolution was killed in the House Judiciary Committee.

Just after the resolution passed in the senate we were made aware that House Speaker Armstead had told the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Del. John Shott, to only allow one Article V resolution out of the committee and onto the Floor for final passage. When SCR 10 came up for a vote, the Chairman took a voice vote and quickly called it in favor of the ‘nays’ and subsequently refused a request to record a roll-call vote — in violation of House Rule 83. 

Despite the fact that SCR 10 had already been passed by the senate, the House advanced the ‘Balanced Budget Amendment’ resolution instead.  This went on to pass in the final minutes of business in the senate on Saturday.

This will stand as a classic example of politicians ignoring the will of the people and passing a half-measure in order to give the appearance they are in favor of real reform when in fact they are not.

Remember this moment, for this is precisely where other states have been before redoubling their efforts and coming back the next year.  Specifically, our effort in Indiana for legislative year 2015 ended in March with a similar committee loss.  The team there knew what had to be done.  Just one year later, and with a grassroots army at least four times the size, they saw the COS Resolution passed and became the 6th state to do so.  

This is what we must do in West Virginia.  We have one year and a single mission: Grow the grassroots army!  We are sounding a clarion call to all who will help us in WV.  There are many opportunities to get involved, and if you have particular leadership skills, we urge you to consider becoming a District Captain or learn about other opportunities to serve by going to our ‘Be a Leader’ page.

The members of the WV House received over 3,800 emails from around the country.  Among the messages from our supporters was this ominous statement of fact …

“We are NOT going away!”

In Liberty,

Robert J. Berry
Regional Director
Convention of States Project