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Washington Senator pre-files Convention of States resolution

The good news keeps rolling in!

Washington State Senator Ann Rivers pre-filed the Convention of States resolution in the Washington State Legislature yesterday, putting our resolution on track to be considered in Washington's legislative session this year.

Click here to view the resolution.

This is a fantastic first step in Washington, and we couldn't be more excited to watch our team in The Evergreen State move the resolution through its various committee hearings in the House and Senate.

Towards that end, we encourage all residents of Washington to contact their state legislators and voice support for SJM 8016, the Convention of States resolution. This is essential for the resolution to pass the House and Senate.

Click here to find your state legislator.

Finally, by way of clarification, to "pre-file" a resolution simply means to submit a resolution for consideration before the legislative session has officially begun. This allows us to hit the ground running when committees begin to meet and ensures we won't run out of time at the end of the session.

For more information on the state legislative process, click here.

Congratulations to everyone on the Convention of States team in Washington!