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Volunteers Needed to Collect Petition Signatures at Polling Stations on Tuesday, June 14th!


CALL TO ACTION!  We have a great opportunity to spread the Convention of States message of Hope to the people of Maine this Tuesday!  We need volunteers around the state to help collect petitions at the polling stations this Tuesday, June 14th.   


If you are willing to help by bringing petitions on a clipboard to your local polling station or to one of our targeted districts, please contact Isaiah and Raeann Lary ASAP.  They are coordinating the effort in Maine and can be reached at (207) 375- 8477 or (207) 689-5936, email

Download petition to print

Please call the municipality to find out if they have any particular rules in regards to petition collecting. THIS IS NOT A BALLOT INITIATIVE. We are only collecting signatures to find more supporters and to inform the legislators of those districts that we want them to support the Convention of States.

Thank you very much for your support!

Ken Quinn

State Director