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Virginia House and Senate committees pass Convention of States resolution

We have fantastic news from Virginia!

In 2015's first Convention of States committee hearings, the Virginia House Rules Committee passed the Convention of States application by a vote of 10-3, and a Senate committee passed the application by a vote of 9-2.

Before the hearings, over 100 Virginians from all over the state traveled through inclement weather to be at the Capitol Bell Tower at 10 AM Tuesday morning. They were there to show their support for the Convention of States effort and to encourage their state legislators to vote in favor of our application.

Their efforts were rewarded with a resounding victory, and we couldn't be more proud of our team in Virginia.

We'll give a more detailed report soon, but for now we wanted to share the good news. We look forward to reporting more victories as our application is heard in committees across the country.

Click here to read and watch local news coverage of the event.