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COS Resolution

The 2018 session of the Virginia General Assembly is just around the corner. We will be able to file our resolution in late November 2017, at which point it will be given a number. As of now, we do not have a number. See below the operative language of our proposed resolution. Feel free to print this and share it with candidates or legislators in the meantime.

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State Director's Corner May 29 2017

Memorial Day

Thank You Veterans!

Don’t forget the June 13 Primary

Website to determine your polling place and who’s on the ballot

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State Director's Corner May 7 2017

The point of building the most effective grassroots organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is to educate and influence our State Legislators to rein in the federal government that will join with other states to restore the sovereignty of the people. In keeping with our rich history of national leadership in the state of Virginia, we see our state playing a key role as part of the national COS strategy. Through effective and broad-based grassroots involvement, Chris Walker, State Director, gives insights as to how to make this work.

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State Director's Corner April 22 2017

What would I do if I thought I might succeed? What goals would I set if I knew I could not fail? What price would I be willing to Pay? What sacrifice am I willing to make?
--Rev. Jerry Falwell

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Update - March 24 2017

Our state leadership had an exciting retreat in Charlottesville.  Chris Walker, State Director, gives an overview of the retreat highlights and lays the groundwork for the upcoming year.

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State Governments Serve Better

Americans don’t agree on much, but there is one issue that garners support from everyone. Recently, TIME published an article by Frank Luntz, who conducted a survey asking Americans: “Which level of government do you believe is doing a better job of serving its citizens and delivering results?"

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Footing The Bill

Despite $20 trillion of national debt the federal government continues to waste money. The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Social Security Administration has paid $1 billion in benefits to people without social security numbers on file.

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URGENT - Committee Hearing on HJR 547

URGENT - Committee Hearing on HJR 547! Your help needed!
Virginia’s Convention of States resolution, HJR547, will be voted on this Tuesday afternoon, January 31st in a Special Subcommittee of the House Rules Committee. The Hearing was just announced (I wish they would give more notice!)
Please contact the Committee members (listed at the bottom) and ask them to vote in favor of HJR 547.

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Virginia's First Step of 2017





Virginia took an important step towards freedom, and I wanted to be the first to tell you.

Senator Carrico has officially filed our application to call a Convention of States to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government SJ 312.

Now is a critical time to spread the word about the Convention of States Project in Virginia. A strong grassroots presence secured the victory for us in other states, and Virginia will be no different.

Simply send an email to your friends and family about the Convention of States Project or bring it up next time you see them. Encourage them to get involved by writing a letter to their state senator, signing the Convention of States petition, and/or becoming an official volunteer.

Come to the Rally for the Republic on Jan 26, 2017.  Click the link to the left to RSVP Now. Do it for Freedom .


RallyDay 2017



With legislative session only a few days away, I am optimistic about our prospects of passing the COS application in 2017. Why? Because of the strong team we have created this year! We have thousands of Virginia Patriots who have raised their hand and volunteered to help us pass our resolution.  

I would like to have as many of you as possible plan to join me in Richmond to deliver COS educational articles to legislators. I can’t wait for you to see some of the great materials we will be providing them.  I am requesting every volunteer to attend and bring 10 of your friends with you! 

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