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Texas Will Lead!

Convention of States Texas!

COS Texas Up to the Minute!

You can always find updates on our Texas Facebook page, Texas COS homepage and website newsblog.

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Texas Legislators Pre-File Convention of States Resolution!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Joined the

COS Texas Grassroots Army

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Lt. Governor Patrick Announces COS as a Priority!

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Where are we in Texas?

1) Governor Greg Abbott has publicly challenged the Texas Legislature to join with other states in calling for a Convention of Stateswatch here!

2) Building on this momentum, Texas COS is partnering with Governor Abbott, the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF),  and other Liberty-Loving organizations, leading the charge in our nation, educating and promoting the Convention of States to state legislatures around the nation.

3) Texas leadership includes not only Gov. Abbott, but our military veteran legislators committed to continue honoring their lifetime oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

a) House Primary Author Representative Rick Miller (Capt., US Navy, ret.) will again lead the legislative charge in Texas. Representative Miller appeared on One America News' "The Daily Ledger" with Graham Ledger.

b) Senate Primary Author Senator Brian Birdwell (Lt. Col., US Army, ret.) will once again carry a political heavyweight bill in the Texas Senate by authoring the Convention of States application. Watch our video with Senator Birdwell here!

4) The Texas Legislature is poised to consider and pass the COS resolution early in the 85th Legislative Session.

a) Texas House members are energized to support the COS alongside Governor Abbott.

b) Governor Abbott has challenged Texas to take it’s rightful place as the nation’s prime example as the defender of individual liberty.

5) Our Texas Grassroots Army of Liberty-Loving Patriots is growing in number, understanding, and passion to promote the Convention of States, both locally, and at the Capitol itself!

a) On September 13, 2016, more than 300 Texas COS supporters swarmed the Capitol in Austin, encouraging one another, meeting with legislators and their staff, and filling one hearing room AND TWO OVERFLOW ROOMS for an interim House hearing concerning the progress of the Convention of States.

b) Governor Abbott’s Deputy General Counsel, Andrew Oldham, and Texas COS Co-Director Paul Hodson, delivered testimony to the committee, describing both the purpose of the Convention of States application, and the progress of the Convention of States Movement. 

The Convention of States Project has two websites. is the national site, provided to educate and inform our citizens about our project and about Article V of our Constitution. is our Texas specific activism website and is a resource for our grassroots lobbying, communication, and education. Please bookmark both of these sites, and check back often for the latest information, events, and progress with the Convention of States Project.

For an overview of the Convention of States Project, please take the COS University Course "Introduction to Convention of States (COS100x)". You can find the registration page at