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Texas Leads!

Texas GOP Chair Supports Governor Abbott in Call for a Convention of States

Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler added his voice to that of over 70,000 Texans when he signed the Convention of States petition, and pledging to "support the efforts of the Convention of States Project to trigger a limited Article V convention of the states to consider and propose amendments that impose fiscal restraints on D.C., limit its power and jurisdiction, and set term limits for federal officials and members of Congress."

From Chairman Mechler's Endorsement Letter - 'It is clear that Washington, D.C., has taken our nation down a dangerous path of fiscal irresponsibility and rampant federal overreach. I believe we have come to a point at which the only way to implement meaningful reforms to our federal system and restore the balance of power among D.C., the states, and the people, is by using the tool given to the states by the Founding Fathers in Article V of the Constitution.'

Read Chairman Mechler's full endorsement letter here

Chairman Mechler's personal response to Texas Convention of States Director Paul Hodson:


Thank you for asking about Governor Abbott’s Convention of the States, which I strongly support.  I have signed the Convention of States petition. The Governor is speaking up for all of us, not just in Texas, but across the country, and we are fed up with the Federal government’s disregard for our Constitutional rights."