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Texas Leads!

More Powerful Than The Next President: Convention Of States Town Hall Will Discuss A Movement More Important Than The Election

Join Mark Meckler, Co-Founder, COS Project and Andrew Oldham, Deputy General Counsel for Gov. Abbott as they discuss Convention of States and ‘The Texas Plan’

Fort Worth, TX., September 19, 2016 – The American people are tired of rolling the dice on a new president every four years. Last night’s presidential debate revealed that—no matter how many campaign promises the candidates make—D.C. will never fix itself. On Tuesday, September 27, Texans will have a unique opportunity to learn more about how uniting behind an Article V Convention of States offers the most powerful protection against federal overreach. Convention of States Co-Founder Mark Meckler will be joined by special guest from Gov. Abbott’s office, Andrew Oldham, Deputy General Counsel, Ross Kecseg, Vice-President Empower Texans, as well as a number of local Ft. Worth legislators to discuss why Governor Greg Abbott endorsed the Convention of States Project, and how his “Texas Plan” to rein in the runaway federal government can restore the authority of the states and the people.

A change in personnel cannot fix the problems plaguing our nation. There is a solution more powerful than the next election, and Texans and media are invited to learn first-hand how an Article V Convention of States can propose the constitutional amendments this country needs to get back on track—and stay there.

When: Tuesday, September 27, 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m

Where: Heritage Church of Christ 4201 Heritage Trace Pkwy. Fort Worth, TX 76244

Who: Mark Meckler, Convention of States Project Co-Founder | Texas State Leaders Tamara Colbert and Paul Hodson | Texas State Representatives Matt Rinaldi (115), Stephanie Klick (91), and Jonathan Stickland (92) | Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell (22). Special guests, Andrew Oldham, Deputy General Counsel for Governor Greg Abbott | Ross Kecseg, Vice-President, Empower Texans

Cost: Free

Contact: Texas State Director Tamara Colbert – C: 626.244.5571;