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TPP: Uniting Liberals and Conservatives

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has united members of Congress across the political spectrum in opposition to the Executive branch, not just because of its provisions, but because of how it was drafted. The TPP has been negotiated secretly, in fact, that its terms have been kept hidden even from members of Congress. Our Constitution places the authority to ratify treaties, like the TPP, with the United States Senate. This provision ensures that We the People, acting through our Senators, have a voice in international agreements that impact things like consumer protections, internet freedom, and American jobs. Although there is a lot of bluster coming from Capitol Hill, if the past is any indication, Congress will again roll over and enable the Executive Branch, rather than fulfilling its Constitutional responsibility to check it. That’s where an Article V Convention comes in…it gives the States the right to check federal overreach when there’s no political will in Washington, D.C. to do it. Please join us by signing the on-line petition at