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To state the obvious

The natural inclination of all government - always and everywhere - is to grow.

When Force-of-Law is combined with Confiscated-Income-Stream (which combination is present in all governments) the result is consistent enough to be entirely predictable: growth in the size, cost, scope and dominance of Government.

Although our Federal Government was to have been constrained to enumerated powers, its nature is to violate those bounds. Only an educated, informed and engaged citizenry is capable of maintaining Ordered Liberty by constraining its government within its delegated powers.

Over the decades, the American people have become less vigilant, less informed, and alarmingly, less educated about the design and structure of our Constitutional Republic - constructed specifically to contain our Federal government to its delegated bounds.

The framers of our Constitution needn't have been prescient to suspect that we'd eventually be where we are today; a bloated, overgrown Federal Government which shows incompetence and disinterest in fulfilling its delegated responsibilities while dominating society in ways which distort the economy, infringe on the States and violate the liberties of the people.

Anticipating this, our Constitution's framers provided a lawful an orderly mechanism for re-balancing power back to the people via the States. Only the States, convened under Article V of the US Constitution, have power equal to that of the bloated US Federal Government.

The presidential election represents a chance for a fresh start under a new administration. Let's hope that the person elected to this powerful office is chosen on the basis of demonstrated Constitutional fidelity. But no matter who is elected to head up the Executive Branch, the imbalance of power at the root of the problems which threaten our Republic's continued existence must be addressed - by the people through their State Legislatures.

Join us in advancing real and lasting solutions to our country's problems by activating the one power equal to that of the US Federal Government.