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New Hampshire

This is Our Last Chance New Hampshire! Urgent Call to Action!

We need your help right away. Don’t let your New Hampshire Representatives avoid debating and voting on the only real solution to our runaway federal government just because they were sleepy!


Late Wednesday night, just as we were about to get our House vote on the Convention of States resolution, SCR4, one Representative moved to table it. That motion passed—we believe due to the lateness of the hour—and consequently our resolution did not receive a substantive debate and vote.

We can bring SCR4 back to the table—but we need your help to get enough votes to do it.


1. Please contact your own Representatives right now, and ask for his/her commitment to support a motion to give SCR 4 a substantive hearing and vote (remove from the table). Just click here to find your Representative and his/her contact information.

2. Then, please take just a moment to contact Rita, our National Legislative Strategist, at, and let her know whether your Representative made the commitment.

We need every Convention of States supporter now in New Hampshire to answer the call!  Please follow the instructions above and don't stop until you have spoken to your state representatives and heard from them whether or not they will vote to "remove it from the table" to give it a fair hearing based on the merits of the resolution.  We need a 2/3s vote and reporting back to us is critical.  Time Is Running Out!

Don't forget to report back to Rita Dunaway at the email address above.

Thank you for taking 10 minutes right now to save our Republic and guarantee liberty for future generations of Americans.

Ken Quinn
Regional Director
(207) 713-8700