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New Hampshire

New Hampshire! The Time for Action is Now! The Hearing on SCR4 is This Thursday.


We need your help now!  Please click the link below that best fits your reason for wanting an amendment proposing convention to send to the members of the Senate Rules Committee.  Feel free to edit the message to further explain why you want them to support SCR4.  IMPORTANT: Please remember to add your name and town before sending.  

Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday after 6 PM, please call and leave a voice message for each Senator asking them to support SCR4 in your own words.  Again, remember to leave your name and home town at the end of the call.  This will only take a few minutes but could make a big difference in the Rules Committee's vote. 

On behalf of all of the volunteers in New Hampshire working to save our Republic, Thank You! 

John Therriault, NH State Director, Convention of States Action, Keene, NH 


Please choose one of the following messages and make it your own!

Subject:  Support SCR 4 for the sake of our children and their future

Dear Senator,

I urge you to please support SCR 4 for a Convention of States to propose amendments that will restore fiscal sanity to our nation.  Since Congress refuses to take the necessary actions, it is up to the New Hampshire Legislature to exercise its authority under Article V so my children and grandchildren can grow up in a free and prosperous country.

Thank you, 

Subject:  Support SCR 4 to Restore our Republic 

Dear Senator,

Please support the passage of SCR 4 so that New Hampshire can join other states throughout the country calling for an Article V convention to propose amendments to the Constitution to correct the overreach of power and abuses that our Federal Government is perpetrating every day.


Subject:  Support SCR 4 to Restrain Federal Spending 


I ask for your help in restraining the reckless spending of our Federal Government.  Please support the passage of SCR 4 calling for a convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to limit the power of the federal government.  The fiscal health of our nation depends on the NH Legislature fulfilling its constitutional duty.



Rules Committee Member Contact Information: 

Senator Phone Email
Sen. Russell Prescott  603-271-3074
Sen. Kevin Avard  603-271-4151
Sen. Jeb Bradley  603-271-2106
Sen. Donna Soucy  603-271-3207
Sen. Martha Clark  603-271-3076