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New Hampshire

The Members of the Senate Rules Committee Need to Hear From You Now!



The Rules, Enrolled Bills and Internal Affairs Committee held a public hearing for the Convention of States Application SCR4 on Thursday and now the members need to hear from you!

We need you to do the following:

Please call and leave a voice message for all five committee members asking them to pass SCR4. Do not leave a very long message and remember to state your name and address at the END of your message.

We also need you to send an email to all five committee members and we have made it very easy for you do do that. Please choose which message below you would like to send and click the subject to send that message to all five committee members.  Make sure you add your name and address to the message and hit send. You can also revise it to add your own message.

Please pass SCR4, Our Last Constitutional Option


You had the public hearing and the heard the arguments on both sides. I am asking you to please exercise your constitutional duty and support SCR4 in order for the states to preserve our nation's future.

Best regards,


Please Pass SCR4 to Restore our Constitution


Those who oppose SCR4 do not have history on their side. Please do not give in to their fear-mongering. Restore our Constitution and please pass SCR4.



Rules Committee Contact Information:

Sen. Russell Prescott 603-271-3074

Sen. Kevin Avard 603-271-4151

Sen. Jeb Bradley 603-271-2106

Sen. Donna Soucy 603-271-3207

Sen. Martha Clark 603-271-3076


On behalf of all of the volunteers in New Hampshire working to save our Republic, Thank You!


John Therriault, NH State Director