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TEXAS!! Leading for Liberty!



Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has Heard Your Voice!

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has a proven record of listening to the grassroots. Convention of States supporters from all over Texas asked the Lt. Gov. to confirm his support for the Convention of States resolution as a Legislative Priority for the 85th Texas Legislative Session, and Lt. Gov. Patrick has responded with a resounding YES!!!

This is a winning effort for the Lieutenant Governor and for Liberty Loving Texas Senators.

For details, see this report posted by Empower Texans on September 9th.

Please send a big Texas Thank You to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick by emailing him here!
Please add your name and city at the bottom of the email.


Having trouble with the above email link? You can copy and paste the message from below instead.

Text of the email if the link above is not working for you:


The Honorable Lt. Gov. Patrick,

Thank you for once again hearing the voice of the grassroots, and taking a strong stand with Liberty Loving Texans confirming your support for the Convention of States as a Legislative Priority in the upcoming session!

We love that Texas spirit of leadership from our elected officials; it's one of the truly unique, and wonderful joys of living in Texas. Your voice will play a prominent role in the success of our efforts, not just in Texas, but in the nation, to rein in our overreaching federal government.

Please let us know how we can best help you support this effort in the Texas Senate; our love of Liberty and the Constitution runs deep, just like yours.

Our Convention of States leadership team is available to you at any time:

Martin Harry
Legislative Liaison
(512) 636-1428

Tamara Colbert
State Co-Director
(626) 244-5571

Paul Hodson
State Co-Director
(817) 975-8772

For Liberty,
Your Name and City