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Support Doubles for HJR 115 this Week!

Natalie ManleyDaniel J. Burke

Representative Natalie Manley and Assistant Majority Leader Dan Burke led the charge in the Illinois House this week to rein in federal overreach. Rep. Manley joins HJR 115 as a Chief Co-Sponsor:

The "donor state" issue is important to me. If we could get just one year's worth of that money back, it would make a huge difference for Illinois!
~HJR 115 Chief Co-Sponsor Natalie Manley, D-Joliet

HJR 115 provides not just a single year of relief, but lasting change to a federal system in which fraud, cronyism, and abuse run rampant; one in which Illinois is consistently one of the "Biggest Losers."

This week, the number of co-sponsors for HJR 115 more than doubled, and includes a broad spectrum of legislators from both parties, including Democrat Caucus members Rob Martwick & LaShawn Ford, and Republicans Terry Bryant & Grant Wehrli. "Democrats and Republicans throughout the state and in Springfield agree: the federal government spends too much money, and it's spending it on the wrong things. Illinois taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize a Cowboy Poetry Festival in Nevada when CPS is having to lay off teachers," explains Vickie Deppe, Illinois Legislative Liaison.

You can find out if your Representative has signed on to support HJR 115 by clicking here (a new window or tab will open at the official Illinois General Assembly website). If he or she has not joined us yet, please phone their office and ask them to cosponsor HJR 115. Don't know who your legislators are? Click here to find out (a new window or tab will open at Be sure to enter your complete address (a zip code by itself will not yield reliable results), then click on the name of your House member to display their contact information.

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