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Straight from the top: an update from Scott Russell and Jacquie Peterson

Good evening! We're coming to you this week with more wonderful news from around the country.

  • We have officially filed our Convention of States Application in 14 States:New Jersey, Arizona, New Hampshire, Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.
  • We are working on filing in another 24 states!
  • We have PASSED the Convention of States Resolution(s) in both the HOUSE and the SENATE Committees in the great State of Virginia.
  • Arizona has added COS to the Republican Party Platform along with Iowa and Texas - South Carolina is coming along, too.

The hard work that you are doing is self-evident and incredibly inspiring!

All of us here in the National Office stand in awe of the momentum going on in the states and we are determined to serve your needs in the best possible way.

Finally, please join us in welcoming Dena Espenscheid as our new National Coalitions Director!! Dena's email is, her phone number is 540-441-3033.


Scott Russell
Executive Director
Convention of States Project

Jacquie Peterson
Deputy Director
Convention of States Project