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Spotlight on John Aukerman- Region Captain, Indiana East

COS has many citizens stepping up to volunteer all across the state. One of those is John Aukerman of Anderson Indiana. John is a Professor of Discipleship at Anderson University and also volunteers as the Regional Captain of the eastern portion of the state which includes 14 state legislative districts.

Read John's story...

Over his lifetime of voting, John knew there needed to be fiscal restraint but never saw any viable sign of reform. John first learned of COS on Facebook and followed the links to research the project. He was delighted that finally someone was doing something with a viable plan to stop the growth of government. Knowing this was something he believed in, he decided to become a District Captain. After recently accepting the extra responsibility of being a Region Captain, he organized a meeting of volunteers at the Anderson Library in June. The state leadership team summarized the COS plan and armed the volunteers with the information they needed to help spread the message of how we will impose fiscal restraints on the government.

Thank you John for joining the COS leadership team! 


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