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South Dakota

South Dakota Senators Stand In the Way of Reforming Washington DC

After successfully navigating its way through the South Dakota House of Representatives two weeks ago, HJR 1002, calling for a Convention of States to place limits on the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal goverment, was defeated in the Senate Taxation Committee.  Two Senators in particular stood in the way citing fears and concerns for action.  Each admitted there were many constituents calling for this action, but in the end they seemed more annoyed with the emails and phone calls than inspired.  

 Senator Bob Ewing of Spearfish, SD was particularly upset with the emails and communications that came into him on this matter.

  Listen to Sen. Ewing 55:25 mark of this recording

Sen. Ewing 

Phone Numbers
Home 605-722-5559 
Business 605-641-9095


Also voting in opposition was Senator Brock Greenfield of Clark, SD which seemed very confused as why to bother using a constitutional remedy when South Dakota can't be trusted... He offered no solution except to throw up his hands, and vote against it...  He was ultimately the deciding individual that shot down Convention of States for 2016 in South Dakota.

 Listen to Senator Greenfield 1:00:25 mark of this recording

 Sen. Greenfield

Phone Numbers
Home 605-532-4088 
Business 605-450-1263

Lessons Learned

We must have many more citizens be willing to stand up across South Dakota and demand this to be a success.  We have several hundred individuals in South Dakota that have said they will volunteer, but we have virtually no state leadership in place.  Right now each of these legislators will be up for election this year, and it is our duty to ask candidates if they will commit to supporting Article V and specifically the Convention of States.  We must bring this issue to the top of the heap of issues facing these individuals.  We must continue to build out our volunteers in South Dakota.

We are actively recruiting for a State Director, Grassroots Coordinator, and District Captains from across the state.  Please apply if you have any interest in standing up for liberty and moving this toward success.  As a volunteer, we will never ask more than what you can give toward the cause. 

We will refile our resolution next year with more co-sponsors and a big group of volunteers at the capitol!