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South Dakota

South Dakota pushes back against big government

South Dakotans have won the day! Thanks to your incredible support, we’re one step closer to limiting the unconstitutional power of the federal government.

On Monday, we had a huge victory over who decides. The South Dakota house committee passed the Convention of States Resolution to limit the power of the federal government, with a 7-5 vote. 

By Wednesday, this historic resolution will be discussed on the House floor.

Right now, our South Dakota legislators are waiting to hear from their constituents on this important issue.

Please call your district's Representative, and email the Representatives below.

We need your help to win the votes needed to secure this important victory!

Call and say (feel free to make it your own!):

"I am a constituent in your District and I am calling to encourage you to support HJR1002 when it’s voted on in the House floor."

"What you do right now could mean the difference between the cause of Liberty moving on to the South Dakota Senate, or dying on the House floor."

Here is the list of Representatives that need to be contacted:

Don't know who's your legislator? Click here to look them up.

Name Chamber District Party Primary Email Home Phone
Feickert, Dennis House SD 1 Democratic 605-225-5844
McCleerey, Steven D House SD 1 Democratic 605-698-7478
Haggar, Don House SD 10 Republican 605-360-8130
Haugaard, Steven House SD 10 Republican 605-332-1171
Stalzer, Jim House SD 11 Republican 605-838-0354
Willadsen, Mark House SD 11 Republican 605-361-6104
Beal, Arch House SD 12 Republican 605-336-3034
Jensen, Alex P House SD 12 Republican 605-212-4407
Mickelson, G. House SD 13 Republican 605-371-3365
Westra, Steve House SD 13 Republican 605-271-1623
Holmes, Thomas House SD 14 Republican 605-773-3851 
Zikmund, Larry P House SD 14 Republican 605-373-0975
Kirschman, Patrick House SD 15 Democratic 605-366-4798
Soli, Karen House SD 15 Democratic 605-338-5934
Anderson, David L House SD 16 Republican 605-957-6510
Bolin, Jim House SD 16 Republican 605-261-9669
Rasmussen, Nancy House SD 17 Republican 605-238-5321
Ring, Ray House SD 17 Democratic 605-675-9379
Hunhoff, Jean House SD 18 Republican 605-665-1463
Stevens, Mike House SD 18 Republican 605-661-0057
Peterson, Kent S House SD 19 Republican 605-425-3299
Schoenfish, Kyle House SD 19 Republican 605-660-6468
Greenfield, Lana House SD 2 Republican 605-636-6932
Tulson, Burt House SD 2 Republican 605-785-3480
Klumb, Joshua M House SD 20 Republican 605-770-9708
Rozum, Tona House SD 20 Republican 605-996-2190
Bartling, Julie House SD 21 Democratic 605-835-8120
Qualm, Lee House SD 21 Republican 605-337-3682
Gibson, Peggy House SD 22 Democratic 605-352-9862
Werner, Dick House SD 22 Republican 605-353-0957
Cronin, Justin House SD 23 Republican 605-769-1017
Harrison, Michele House SD 23 Republican 605-850-9989
Duvall, Mary House SD 24 Republican 605-224-4070
Rounds, Tim House SD 24 Republican 605-224-6588
Hunt, Roger House SD 25 Republican 605-582-3865
Langer, Kris K House SD 25 Republican 605-428-4929
Bordeaux, Shawn House SD 26A Democratic 605-856-8241
Schaefer, James House SD 26B Republican 605-869-2357
Killer, Kevin House SD 27 Democratic 605-454-8105
May, Elizabeth House SD 27 Republican 605-455-2588
Schrempp, Dean House SD 28A Democratic 605-964-6541
Marty, J. Sam House SD 28B Republican 605-866-4477
Brunner, Thomas House SD 29 Republican 605-257-2336
Wink, Dean House SD 29 Republican 605-985-5240
Kaiser, Dan House SD 3 Republican 605-228-4988
Novstrup, Al House SD 3 Republican 605-226-2505
Russell, Lance House SD 30 Republican 605-745-6871
Verchio, Mike House SD 30 Republican 605-574-2466
Johns, Timothy House SD 31 Republican 605-722-3189
Romkema, Fred House SD 31 Republican 605-722-1432
Conzet, Kristin A House SD 32 Republican 605-342-6658
Gosch, Brian House SD 32 Republican 605-719-3365
Craig, Scott House SD 33 Republican 605-342-0999
Sly, Jacqueline House SD 33 Republican 605-343-4956
Dryden, Dan House SD 34 Republican 605-721-2902
Partridge, Jeffrey D House SD 34 Republican 605-718-1912
Campbell, Blaine House SD 35 Republican 605-393-1645
DiSanto, Lynne A House SD 35 Republican 605-389-0111
Deutsch, Fred E House SD 4 Republican 605-882-3323
Wiik, John J House SD 4 Republican 605-880-1440
Schoenbeck, Lee House SD 5 Republican 605-886-0010
Solum, Roger House SD 5 Republican 605-882-7056
Otten, Herman House SD 6 Republican 605-498-5460
Hawley, Spencer House SD 7 Democratic 605-692-9716
Munsterman, Scott House SD 7 Republican 605-691-9930
Heinemann, Leslie House SD 8 Republican 605-997-2654
Wollmann, Mathew J House SD 8 Republican 605-480-3038
Hawks, Paula House SD 9 Democratic 605-254-2440
Steinhauer, Wayne  House SD 9 Republican 605-526-4269