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Socialism's growing fan-base

It seems the campaign of an open Socialist has shown - conclusively - that there are a great many "Americans" who are ready to give up their Constitutional rights and offer up to the State their right to own their lives.

It apparently doesn't occur to those advocating Socialism that in authorizing government to control the creation and disposition of the "collective wealth," they are, by extension, enslaving themselves - renouncing their own right to their property and earning capacity.  

Under the header of "We are the Government, "these misguided people have become willing to allow bureaucrats to lay claim to the proceeds of their work, the care of their bodies and more.

Our nation was founded on the principle that the natural state of a human being is Liberty; that human liberty is a product of human consciousness and the self-determination which proceeds from it. Liberty is therefore an intrinsic human trait - an "inalienable right" of being. The people authorize their government conditionally and do so without yielding the fundamental - natural rights as outlined in our Bill of Rights.

It is not possible to implement any form of collectivist ideation without undermining the fundamental liberties of the people. (On a practical level, it fails as well. Collectivist economies fail by killing the incentives required to create wealth.)

It's time we accept that there are now a great number of people who have no understanding of the structure and function of the American form of government. They have no clue why our incentive-based economy became the envy of the world. As a result, they are ready to discard both in favor of force of law, expedient solutions to each of society's challenges, blissfully denying that every force-of-law distortion creates yet further problems.

Never before has an advocate for a form of government in open opposition to our Constitution had a viable campaign for the Presidency. This shows how precarious is America's present grip on Liberty, proving the truth of Reagan's admonishment: we are never more than one generation removed from losing our Liberty.

If we hope to preserve liberty and re-commit our nation to its original and unifying cause, we must pull power from those in Washington - those who benefit from the erosion of Citizen Sovereignty. That can only be done by Convening the States under Article V.

At the same time, we must each become advocates for Liberty - making the argument and teaching others the 'how and why' of our Constitutional Republic's structure and the economic freedom which proceeds from it. We must help our fellow Americans understand why CONSENT is the backbone of both our Governmental and economic systems .

Like those of the founding generation, we are Liberty’s best hope.

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