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Sign the Petition: End Federal Overreach

End Federal Corruption and Abuse.

The federal government is broken. Parties change, promises change, but the results stay the same.

D.C. politicians will never limit their own power or fix the mess they’ve created. We're filing resolutions in statehouses across the country to use the Founder’s solution - Article V - to call a Convention of States that can...

  • Force the Supreme Court and President back inside their constitutional boundaries.
  • Send the career politicians packing.
  • Stop Congress from wasting our hard-earned money.
  • Reclaim the 10th Amendment.

Our nation can’t afford for you to wait. Sign the petition and ask your state legislators to support calling a Convention of States to limit the abusive power of Washington, D.C.

Sign the petition, today!

Dear Legislator,

Our federal government is on a dangerous course. I believe it's time for real solutions. Please support calling a Convention of States to place fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials.

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