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Senate Votes on Bill with No Text

McConnell & Reid

On Tuesday night, the United States Senate voted 89-7 to suspend the requirements for a quorum and end debate on a shell bill meant to ultimately become a continuing resolution to fund federal spending in 2017. Politicos position this vote as a routine and inconsequential part of the process, but the reality is that 89 members of the United States Senate voted to proceed on a bill, the text of which they couldn't have possibly read, because it doesn't exist yet. The routine appropriations now listed are merely placeholders for more important spending items, including Zika funding, the use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize Boeing sales to Iran, and giving authoritarian regimes like China, Russia, and North Korea greater control over the internet. Essentially they've said, "Go ahead and write this, Senate Leadership. We don't care to have any input into this spending measure." Is that what you sent your elected officials to Washington for? To cede your voice to the control of Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid? That's exactly what the overwhelming majority of them did this week.

The legislative process was meant to be lengthy and deliberative in order to provide We the People with many opportunities to weigh in and stop bad bills...not to provide a handful of power brokers with cover as they strike deals behind closed doors. It's time for an Article V Convention to limit the power, jurisdiction, and spending of the federal government.

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