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New Hampshire

Senate Rules Committee Votes on SCR4 This Tuesday! Please Leave Voicemail in Next 48 Hours!


Please Call And Leave A Voicemail In The Next 48 Hours!

The Senate Rules, Enrolled Bills and Internal Affairs Committee will be meeting and voting on our Convention of States Application SCR4 this Tuesday, March 8th.  We need you to please call their office number and leave a voicemail for each of the committee members asking them to please vote "Ought to Pass" on SCR4.

We need you to do the following between 6:00PM Friday and 8:00PM Sunday.

Please leave a very brief message and remember to state your name and address at the END of your message.

You may hear a message from their aide, the senator will still receive the message.  Here is an example of what to say:

"Hi, this message is for Senator (last name), I am calling in regards to SCR4 which is calling for an Article V convention for the exclusive purpose to propose amendments that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government and limit it's power and jurisdiction.  Please vote "Ought to Pass" at your committee meeting this coming Tuesday."  My name is __________ and I live at _____________.  Thank you for your consideration of this very important issue." 

Rules, Enrolled Bills and Internal Affairs Committee Contact Information:

Sen. Russell Prescott (Chairman) 603-271-3420

Sen. Kevin Avard (Vice-Chairman) 603-271-4151 

Sen. Jeb Bradley 603-271-2106

Sen. Donna Soucy 603-271-3207 

Sen. Martha Clark 603-271-3076 


Thank You Very Much For Your Support!!!