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South Dakota

South Dakota to Vote on Convention of States!

South Dakotans,

Our fight is about who decides. Will it be you who chooses what's best for you or some far off, unaccountable bureaucrat?

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: South Dakota House of State Affairs will vote on the Convention of States resolution (HJR 1002) on Monday February 22nd at 7:45 am in room 414 of the Capitol! Please call and email these committee members and ask them to vote "YES" to HJR 1002. 

We need your help to win the votes needed to secure this victory! Please share this Call to Action with your neighbors.

Please call and write the committee members and explain why you expect them to support HJR 1002, the Convention of States resolution. 

Use your own words. Below are a few ideas to help get you thinking - but please don't copy and paste, or use verbatim. Speak from your heart, and let's save the nation!

Here are your Talking Points:

Call and say:

"I am a constituent in your District and I am calling to encourage you to support HJR1002 in the House State Affairs Committee hearing on Monday morning."

"What you do right now could mean the difference between the cause of Liberty moving on to the South Dakota House floor or dying in committee."

Here is the list of Committee members that need to be contacted:

Chamber District Legislator Party Email Form Home Phone Capitol Phone
House SD 21  Bartling, Julie Democratic Email 605-835-8120  605-773-3851 
House SD 16  Bolin, Jim Republican Email 605-261-9669   605-773-3851 
House SD 32  Gosch, Brian Republican Email 605-719-3365  605-773-3851 
House SD 10  Haggar, Don Republican Email 605-360-8130 605-773-3851 
House SD 7  Hawley, Spencer Democratic Email 605-692-9716  605-773-3851
House SD 25  Langer, Kris K Republican Email 605-428-4929  605-773-3851
House SD 13  Mickelson, G. Republican Email 605-371-3365  605-773-3851 
House SD 7  Munsterman, Scott Republican Email 605-691-9930  605-773-3851 
House SD 5  Solum, Roger Republican Email 605-882-7056  605-773-3851 
House SD 18  Stevens, Mike Republican Email 605-661-0057 605-773-3851
House SD 30  Verchio, Mike Republican Email 605-574-2466 605-773-3851
House SD 13  Westra, Steve Republican Email 605-271-1623  605-773-3851 
House SD 29  Wink, Dean Republican Email 605-985-5240  605-773-3851