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SCR 21: A reminder for the federal government

The following was written by Missouri State Senator Mike Cunningham and was published in The Marshfield Mail.

As our legislative session heads into its final four weeks, I look forward to returning to the District, but until then there is still much work to be done. These final weeks of session are fast-paced, exciting and some of the best times in the Capitol as we begin to see the fruits of our labors as final debates are held, and legislation is signed into law. 

I have watched, greatly disappointed, these past several years as our lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have forgotten who they represent. Over time, the federal government has morphed into something no one ever imagined. We find ourselves with a federal government $18 trillion debt; leaders ignoring checks and balances; and policies that hurt more than help working class Americans. The federal government needs to bring itself back under control, before each state is forced to do it for them. 

Many states have already sent this message to Washington. Missouri lawmakers are debating that opportunity in the final weeks of the 2015 Missouri legislative session.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 21 calls for amendments imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, limiting the terms of office for officials and members of Congress. Article V allows states to propose certain amendments to the United States Constitution which places limits on the federal government.

By passing this legislation, we are stressing that we believe it is time for the federal government to get things in order and represents a united effort on the part of Missouri legislators to address the serious concerns facing our nation’s government. The Constitution requires that two-thirds of the states must have a consistent call for an Article V Convention in order for one to be held. [...]

I fully support SCR 21 in its current format. I believe that at some point the federal government began to overstep the boundaries laid out by our Founding Fathers. The time has come for us to ask that they take a step back and help states find a way to restore integrity to the legislative process on a federal level, and to simply remind them there are limits to their control, and they have been overreaching.

As always, I appreciate it when groups from around Missouri and from our community back home come to visit me at the Capitol. If you would like to arrange a time to come and visit me in Jefferson City, or if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my Capitol office at 573-751-1882.

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Sen. Mike Cunningham represents the 33rd Senatorial District in the Missouri State Senate.