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Sat, June 11: Responding to Article V Opposition Arguments

There is much to be done to educate our fellow citizens. One step in that process is to educate those who fear a runaway convention and other such opposition fallacies.

Refuting opposition arguments will be the topic at our next monthly statewide meeting, Saturday, June 11. We are pleased to announce that Ken Quinn, the Northeast Regional Director for the Convention of States Project, will be joining our Deputy State Director, Norman Bobo, to address the most frequently mentioned opposition fallacies.

Agenda (add 1 hour for Eastern Times):

8:30 to 9:00: Introduction to the Convention of States Project
9:00 to 10:30 "Responding to Article V Opposition Arguments"
10:30 to 11:00 Local discussions / lunch plans!

Our monthly meeting is conducted as a statewide webinar and phone conference. Rather than just listening by ourselves from our homes, we meet up with each other in several locations across the state.

There are many ways to let us know you are coming and to invite your friends:

1. Click "Going" on the closest Facebook Event:
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2. Join the TN COSP group and then RSVP to the meeting closest to you:

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4. Home-bound? No meeting location close enough to you? You can still participate via webinar at 9:00 Central / 10:00 Eastern. Register for the webinar by clicking here.