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Sarah Palin: Contact Virginia lawmakers

Sarah Palin posted the following on her Facebook page over the weekend. Please share her post with all your friends!

Tired of government gone wild? Here's what we can do about it!

Our Founders put a special sort of “emergency cord” right into Article V of our Constitution as a last resort to rein in our wayward federal government drunk on its own power. That article gives states the power to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

Three states have already successfully passed legislation calling for a Convention of the States, and right now it’s Virginia’s turn. We need every patriot to step up and remind lawmakers in the Old Dominion why we support the Convention of States.

By calling a Convention of the States, average citizens can stop the federal spending spree, power grabs, and other abuses by proposing amendments to rein in the federal government. After the states draft, debate, and vote upon these proposed amendments, they will then be sent to all 50 states for ratification, and three-quarters of the states must agree for any of the proposed amendments to be ratified.

The beauty of this process is that neither the President nor Congress has the authority to stop it. It is truly in the hands of We the People. This idea is really the last recourse of the citizens to rein in DC and restore our country to a Constitutionally limited federal government.

Please read this post at Bristol’s blog to find out which Virginia lawmakers to contact right away to encourage them to vote for the Convention of States legislation in Virginia (SJ 269 and HJ 497).

Please, folks, let’s not be complacent about this! This is a time for all patriots to take a stand!

- Sarah Palin

PS – You may have heard about this idea of the Convention of the States from my friend Mark Levin’s best-selling book “The Liberty Amendments.” If you haven’t read Mark’s book, I encourage you to do so!

To learn more about the Convention of States, check out, where you can send a petition to your state legislator and sign up to be a volunteer.