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South Carolina Representative Bill Taylor pre-files Convention of States application

Representatives in the Aiken County legislative delegation have hit the ground running by pre-filing bills to gain position at the top of the agenda when legislators get back to Columbia in January.

S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor, R-Aiken, is continuing his push for an Article V Convention of States and pre-filed for the bill about three weeks ago.

Taylor began his pursuit of a states’ convention a year ago when he represented South Carolina in the Palmetto State’s call for a convention along with Virginia.

“Whereas, it is the solemn duty of the States to protect the liberty of our people, particularly for the generations to come, to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States through a Convention of the States under Article V to place clear restraints on these and related abuses of power. ...,” Taylor wrote in the bill.

Moving forward, Taylor and others said they expect 24 states, including South Carolina, to join Alaska, Florida and Georgia and submit formal applications next year. It takes 34 states, or two-thirds, to call for a convention. Each state has to pass a resolution and send it to Washington, D.C., for Congressional Record.

Once 34 states apply for the same purpose, then, the Constitution says, Congress shall call a convention, and the states will send delegates to propose amendments.

From there, the proposed amendments have to be sent back out to the states and then three-fourths, or 38 states, have to approve them.

“This application calling for a Convention of States is one of the most important pieces of legislation the General Assembly could pass this year. Together, legislators from many states have the legal Constitutional power to rein in our out-of-control federal government,” Taylor said.

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