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New Hampshire

Public Hearing on Convention of States Application SCR4 on Thursday, April 14th!


The Time is NOW New Hampshire! The House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee will be holding a public hearing on Thursday, April 14th at 10:00AM in the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in room 303 in regards to the Convention of States Application SCR4. 

We need as many people as possible to attend this hearing to show support for SCR4! The committee may be voting immediately after the hearing so it is extremely important that we show up in large numbers to demonstrate that the people of New Hampshire want to limit the power of the federal government.


Constitutional expert, Michael Farris is planning to testify on behalf of SCR4, so let's have a great turnout to show him support!

We need people there wearing Convention of States buttons to show the committee members that you want them to vote “Ought to Pass” on SCR4. Please, Please, Please, follow the instructions below to help us to victory in New Hampshire! 

Please take the following actions! 

  1. Review and choose which email message you would like to send to the committee members. These are only templates and you can change them or write your own personal message. The important thing is that you send an email letting them know you want them to vote “Ought to Pass” on SCR4.  Hit the "send now" button to send your message to the members.

  2. Let us know if you plan to attend the hearing to show your support by clicking either the “I will attend” send now button at the bottom of this message. IMPORTANT: Please provide us with your name, address, and phone number if you are planning to attend so we can connect with you prior to the committee hearing. 

When the email message opens it will be addressed to all the committee members, so please do not add anyone's name to your introduction.  It is important that you add your name and address at the end of the message so the committee member know that they are receiving an email from someone in New Hampshire.

Email One 


We need New Hampshire to join other states in our country to use their authority under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to bring responsibility back to our nation. This can only be done by proposing amendments that will provide the necessary checks needed between the state governments and the federal government. This committee passed this application last year by a vote of 12-0. Please vote in favor of it again for the sake of children's future. 




Email Two 


In 2015 this committee voted 12-0 in favor of this resolution and we need you again to hold firm by voting Ought to Pass on SCR4. Please do not give into the fear tactics of those that do not understand this process and who want to maintain the status quo. We need leaders to arise among our states to take a stand against our overreaching federal government and restore the balance of power back to the states. Please vote Ought to Pass on SCR4. 

Thank you,



 Email Three 


We cannot sustain the course our nation is on and we are depending on the states to rein in the power of Washington D.C. Yes, the New Hampshire legislature has the authority under Article V to join other states and hold a meeting to propose amendments that will stop the over-spending that is taking place in our federal government. Congress will never limit their power, but you can by supporting SCR4!

This committee voted 12-0 in favor of this resolution last year and I ask you to remain firm and vote Ought to Pass on SCR4 once again. 

Best regards,



IMPORTANT!  Don't forget to please let us know if you plan to attend the hearing.


"I will attend" the hearing. send_now.jpg


Thank you very much for your support!  Let's make New Hampshire the 7th state to pass the Convention of States Article V application and become part of history!