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Presentation to the Lafayette Lions Club


(From Left to Right: Lafayette District Captain Steve Gardes, Louisiana Legislative Liaison Randy Evans, Louisiana Legislative Liaison Chuck Reames, Louisiana State Director Bryce Barras, Michael Lunsford of the Lafayette Lions Club)


On Tuesday January 5th, Louisiana State Director Bryce Barras gave a presentation on an Article V Convention of States to the Lafayette Lions Club. The presentation covered everything from why we need a Convention of States, how the Article V convention process works, and why fears of a runaway convention are unfounded. 

It was a very in depth presentation, going all the way back to the 1787 Constitutional Convention explaining the history of Article V and the use of interstate conventions by the Founding generation. Barras then touched on the Article V convention process and how this can be used to propose constitutional amendments that restrain the power of the federal government. Later in the presentation, Barras explained how the fear of a runaway convention is unfounded, saying the Founders specifically put the Article V convention process in the Constitution so the states would be able to circumvent the federal government and propose amendments that limit the federal government's power. 

Barras was joined by his Louisiana Convention of States team members, Legislative Liaisons Chuck Reames and Randy Evans, and Lafayette District Captain Steve Gardes. These hardworking patriots are volunteering there time to save the country from an out of control federal government and to preserve the constitutional republic our Founders gave us. If you would like to join the Louisiana Convention of States team, please click here to check out these volunteer positions. If you would like to receive email updates, please click here and just sign the petition (make sure you check off that you would like to receive email updates).

The Louisiana Convention of States team would like to thank the members of the Lafayette Lions Club for inviting us and listening to this very important message. If you would like to have a Louisiana Convention of States representative come and do a presentation to your group or organization, please email our State Director Bryce Barras at