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Praise to God! Tennessee is #5 !!

Tennessee Flag

We The People in Tennessee have spoken!!

The Volunteer State has lived up to its name!!   And YOU are the very definition of the term volunteer -- in action!

Each of you has led the way on our journey to restore liberty and our constitutional republic.   

You have emulated the 3% of the population who started the American Revolution and, through difficulties and opposition, guaranteed your liberty.  

You are ensuring the liberty of your posterity!   We will see this to the finish as well!

For now, say a prayer of thanks and celebrate the victory.

Be on the watch for next steps.  2016 will be a critical year as we help other states pass the resolution, as we spread the word to our friends and family and as we help the Tennessee General Assembly prepare for the convention - which is not a matter of if, but when.

As our District Captain Toni Clay has written:  Words can move people, but the people's actions can move mountains.

-- Your Fellow Tennessee Volunteers.