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Please Thank the Louisiana Legislators for Supporting COS

Great news!! The Convention of States resolution has been filed in the Louisiana State Senate by Senator Dan Claitor! The bill number is SCR52. You can view the resolution here

Senator Dan Claitor, along with 10 other great patriots in the Senate, have agreed sponsor and cosponsor the resolution. We need to THANK THEM for taking this fight on for us. What I need you to do is call these Senators offices and THANK THEM. Below is an example of what you can say to the cosponsors:

I just wanted to call and thank the Senator for cosponsoring SCR52, the Convention of States resolution. This country needs more courageous State Senators like him/her. Please tell the Senator that I said to keep up the good work. 

As for Senator Dan Claitor, we want you to send a special thank you to him:

I just wanted to call and thank Senator Claitor for all of the hard work he's doing for the Convention of States cause. We need more Senators like him in the Senate. Please tell the Senator that I said thank you and to keep up the good work on getting the Convention of States resolution passed in the Senate. 

Below is a list of the Senators to call:

Dan Claitor (225) 925-7630

Page Cortez (337) 993-7430

James Fannin (318) 259-6620

Sharon Hewitt (985) 646-6490, (504) 278-6530

Gerald Long (318) 628-5799

Beth Mizell (985) 839-3936

Dan Morrish (337) 824-3979

Barrow Peacock (318) 741-7180

Jonathan Perry (337) 643-6425

Neil Riser (318) 649-0977

Mike Walsworth (318) 340-6453

Remember, we are doing this to preserve the liberty of our children and grandchildren. We are doing this so that future generations will not be financially burdened with trillions in debt. We are doing this to preserve the America that our parents and grandparents grew up in. 

Thank you all for making this effort happen! Without you, this would not be possible! We appreciate everything our volunteers do around the state! 

In Liberty,

Bryce Barras
Louisiana State Director
Convention of States Action