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On the loss of Justice Scalia

Our heartfelt sorrow at the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia, stalwart defender of the Constitution, is matched only by our grave recognition that American Liberty has lost one of her most consequential believers.   

Justice Scalia is known for taking the framers at their word – an originalist, whose voice on the high court lead the one-vote margin in cases threatening our natural rights to self-defense, self-expression and freedom of conscience and more. 

Never in our nation’s history has the Constitution faced such grave opposition as it does right now from within our own borders. 

With the forces now aligned against the American Constitution, the task of restraining Federal growth, restoring Constitutional order and pushing back the growing tide of ill-informed support for Collectivist Government has never been as difficult or as urgent as it is right now. But we enjoin this battle equipped with 2 powerful advantages which have never let us down:

Our faith in God who ordained a free people among the nations of the Earth; and our Constitution

The only act with greater power than a SCOTUS decision (which can effectively rescind our right to self-defense on a 5/4 vote) is an act of the people, working through their State Legislatures to take the power from Washington and bring it home 

The lawful and orderly path for effecting this much-needed shift is the Article V Convention of the States.  It has never been more urgently needed than it is right now. 

Join us.