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North Carolina


We stand at a crossroad. One way leads to more corruption, deception and fiction. The other path steers us to morality, integrity and probity. Which will we choose? Next Tuesday, June 27th is THE most important day for our state since we became a state. It is the day we show the legislators that we have had enough of the federal government’s tyranny. There is power in numbers, friends. And we need you all to join us. Let’s show them the meaning of grassroots support. Let’s rid our lives of regulations save for the few we need like warning labels on bleach. Let’s slap fiscal restraints on the federal government. We need a Balanced Budget Amendment with generally accepted accounting principles, so we get actual numbers out of the federal government. And tax caps based on inflation and population growth. These are honest-to-goodness limitations. Term limits on Washington bureaucrats some who have been on the job for forty years. Term limits on federal congressional members. Do you stand with us? Then please join us on June 27th at 10:00 a.m. in the legislative office building. We shall overcome. Let’s retake our country. Here’s the address. 300 N. Salisbury St; Raleigh.


North Carolina Action Prompt

North Carolina Action Prompt

The grassroots are the key to victory -- high numbers ensure success. So are you ready to talk to your friends about the Convention of States Project?

Join our team as a District Captain!

Our goal is to find one District Captain in every North Carolina state house district. The District Captain's mission is simple: find 100 people in your district willing to contact their state legislators in support of Convention of States legislation next session.

It doesn't take a huge time commitment to make a difference. Five constituent phone calls is often enough to move an issue to the top of a state legislator's priority list. In person meetings are even more effective.

Get involved today by reaching out to your state legislators. Don't know what to say?

Download talking points here.

If you'd like a Convention of States leader to attend a meeting with you and your legislator, contact your state’s legislative liaison.

North Carolina Action

North Carolina Action

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

North Carolina Team

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    Curt Burnside

    State Information Analyst

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    Robyn Campbell

    State Director

  • Profile Photo

    Mike Faulkenberry

    State Director

  • Profile Photo

    Doni Juarez

  • Profile Photo

    Gary Lyons

    Legislative Liaison

  • Profile Photo

    Jeff Martin

    Grassroots Coordinator

  • Profile Photo

    Simon Percival

    State Information Analyst

  • Profile Photo

    Bradford Porterfield

    State Information Analyst

  • Profile Photo

    Barry Staton

    Media Liaison

  • Profile Photo

    Michael Westrich

    Coalitions Director

North Carolina Blog

NC Needs your help



TUESDAY MAY 16TH 10:AM     300 North Salisbury St.

We will meet on the ground level just outside the building.


Attention North Carolina COS supporters, we will be delivering petition lists to every member of the House on Tuesday May 16, beginning at 10:00 AM EST and need all of the help we can get.  


Please come to the Capital in Raleigh, 300 North Salisbury St. to help us let our Legislators know how many of their constituents support SR 36 by delivering lists of petition signers to each one.


 We are half way to our goal in North Carolina after passing SR 36 through the Senate a few short weeks ago but now we need to pass the House.  Now is the time.


Please join us in this historic effort to save our beloved Republic by asking every House member to support SR 36 and tell D.C. that we are taking our power back and putting ourselves in charge of our own destiny.  



See you then.


Please RSVP to this email if you can attend,


In liberty


Gary Lyons, 

Legislative Liaison 

Convention of States NC

DeMint AND Coburn



Senator DeMint will be joined in North Carolina by Senator Coburn! That’s right; we will have BOTH of them here to help us get to the finish line. How cool is that? Two legends at the same place at the same time for the same reason – to help us win in the NC House!
We will have to wait one week in order to work out the schedules, but it will be well worth the wait. So please adjust the date that I gave you yesterday and make plans to join us in Raleigh! This will be HUGE!

Please note the DATE CHANGE…

WHAT: Rally with Senator Jim DeMint and Senator Tom Coburn
WHEN: Tuesday or Wednesday - June 27 or 28, 2017 starting at 10:00 am
WHERE: Legislative Office Building, 300 N. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC (room to be announced)
WHO: YOU and everyone you can bring!
WHY: To save the Republic by making NC the 13th state to pass the COS Resolution

Schedules are being worked out and as soon as we know which day I will let everyone know. But get it on your calendar and please plan to be there. We need to show up in the hundreds that day!
Bring somebody with you. Bring your family. Bring your neighbor. Bring a church group (get the bus!). But please don’t sit this one out. We need you.
Thank you and God bless you.
In Liberty,
Mike Faulkenberry
NC State Director
Convention of States Project

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