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In the News: Utah reps now calling for a convention of the states!

The following was written by Rob Arquette of Utah Talk Radio 105.7FM.

Well good news for the convention of the states movement. Utah state representatives are now calling for us to join in to a convention to propose amendments to the constitution! Which is one state closer to the needed goal of 2/3 of the states to be able to send delegates to such a convention and use that as a means to circumvent congress in proposing amendments we all know they will never even propose, let alone allow to be put up for a vote to the country.

State Representative Ken Ivory has put forth a measure that would make Utah the latest in a long line of states intent to conduct such a convention. However, his proposal demands three things be addressed in order to Utah to be a member of the convention. First he wants the issue of a balanced budget amendment to be on the docket. Secondly an amendment to curl back the influence of the federal government in the every day lives of average citizens. And finally term limits for all members of congress, so that they will not become entrenched and corrupt as time wears on and they get too comfortable in their position.

This is a tremendous effort and something we should fully get behind. Yes there are fears of a "runaway convention" which would in theory propose radical amendments such as complete gun confiscation or surrendering our sovereignty to the UN. But in reality since every amendment would require 3/4 of the states to ratify it to become law, chances are that such measures would never succeed.

This could be our only chance to really turn things around before it's entirely too late.

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