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New State Director Leads Kansas

The Convention of States Project, a project of the non-profit organization Citizens for Self-Governance, has appointed volunteer Tony Gillette of Shawnee as their new Kansas State Director.  Gillette is a graduate of Drake University and has lived in Shawnee, KS since 1997. 

He has held various volunteer positions in the past including as a precinct captain for the Steve Forbes’ presidential campaign, 2013 State Coordinator for Patriot Voices, and the 2015 State Coordinator for Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign.  Tony will be in charge of all Kansas operations for the group which includes education, public speaking, recruiting, and further building and directing a grassroots network while working with local legislators in promoting the project.

The Convention of States Project is dedicated to educating people and promoting the process of utilizing the provisions in Article V of the United States Constitution to empower state governments to reign in powers seized over years by the federal government.  The group is non-partisan and is not affiliated with any political organization.  Article V of the US Constitution allows for two processes to propose and ratify amendments to the Constitution, and the Convention of States refers to the second method in which state legislators call for a convention to be held proposing new amendments.

Gillette describes the project as “the solution big enough to solve the mess we have in Washington DC.”  He will be taking the reins from David Schneider of Marion, KS. Schneider has been promoted to Regional Director for the Central States Region after serving as State Director since the kick off of the project in 2013. He now has the responsibility for supporting not only Kansas, but eight other states. 

Gillette will be concentrating his statewide volunteers on Topeka in 2016 as the Kansas legislature currently is considering the Convention of States legislation in both the Kansas House of Representatives (HCR5010) and Kansas Senate (SCR1603).  Four states have already passed this identical legislation (GA, AK, FL, AL) with 37 states having the legislation proposed in 2015.  34 states are required to call a convention.  Schneider described that the application language as “the critical part, and each state needs to be nearly identical.”  This is done to limit the topic of discussion of the delegation at the convention. The Convention of States application limits the topic to placing further limits on the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government, fiscal restraints on the federal government, and term limits for federal officials including Congress.