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New Mexico

ACTION ALERT! All Hands on Deck!

Fellow New Mexicans,

Our fight is about who decides. Will it be you who chooses what's best for you or some far off, unaccountable bureaucrat?

Last week we had three big wins over who decides. But Saturday was huge! COS Resolution HJR9 passed out of committee with bipartisan support for a 7-4 win.

We've got just two more hurdles before the big win--getting through the Senate Judiciary Cmte, then passing our resolution in the whole Senate. 

Melt the phone lines! Make your voice heard today and change the direction of our state and country. Ask the key Senators listed below to 1) support HJR9 and 2) encourage Judiciary chairman Martinez to schedule the resolution TODAY for no later than tomorrow! 

Richard Martinez, Chairman 505-986-4487
Joseph Cervantes, Vice Chair 505-986-4385
Linda Lopez 505-986-4737
Cisco McSorley 505-986-4389
Peter Wirth 505-986-4861
Michael Sanchez 505-986-4727

WARNING: The Senate Judiciary Cmte is notoriously difficult to get through. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Momentum's on our side. Not only are we clearing every hurdle but we're growing. In just the last 2 days, over 100 New Mexicans have joined our team! We are now over 3,700 strong.

Alone we are powerless. Together we rein in the federal government and win!

For Freedom!


Daniel Moore
Co-State Director
Convention Of States, NM

URGENT: Tell NM House to Support COS, with one click!

This is it in the House! Speaker Tripp tells Judge Walker that the full House will vote on COS Resolution HJR 9 either tomorrow or Friday.


ONECLICK: Send a personalized email to all 70 New Mexico State House Representatives asking each to support HJR 9... WITH JUST ONE CLICK!

Be sure to make this action VIRAL by using the viral tool just above the Send Petition button!

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Victory in New Mexico and South Carolina

New Mexico and South Carolina kept the good times rolling yesterday with solid victories in each state.

The grassroots carried the day in both states, but New Mexican citizens were able to take advantage of the new ONE CLICK tool to contact their state legislatures.

They answered the call to action, and their calls and emails were a huge part of the 34-27 win for HJR 19 in the New Mexico House.

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New Mexico House to vote tomorrow

NEWSFLASH: House Speaker Tripp informed us late yesterday evening that HJR 19 will be voted on NOT today but tomorrow, Tuesday, sometime after 4 PM.

ACTION ITEM 1: Call your representative's office today! Simply say, "Please support HJR 19." (Get phone number here.)

ACTION ITEM 2: Send your ONE CLICK call for support to ALL 70 House members today! Click here.

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New Mexico Committee Monday

Imagine checking your Inbox Saturday morning and finding 248 emails from citizens all over the state of New Mexico asking you to say Yes! You'd have to scroll and scroll....

That's just what happened to each member of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. 

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