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New, Exciting, One-of-a-Kind Grassroots Website: Announcing the COS Patriot Games!!!

The COS Patriot Games is a unique grassroots experience in which you get to build your own network of COS supporters -- nationwide!    You start by recording your activities with the project and by working in the "Social Media War Room" responding to articles on the Internet.   When you have demonstrated your "mettle"  (by earning points and experience in the project) , you are promoted to a recruiter status.  At that point, you start inviting others to join the Patriot Games, help them gain experience and watch them become recruiters also!   Then your recruiters will recruit others as well and you will watch your network and your influence in the project grow.   As your network grows, you can can be promoted with additional "stars" and other titles.

The Patriot Games is a fun and rewarding way to track your activities and your influence. All it takes is your time and commitment to save our Republic!

Even though the Patriot Games is new and the TN COS team has only been "working it" for a short few weeks, we are proud to say that we are already beating all but one of the other COS states in total recruits! Go Vols!! We have also been challenged by the Indiana team to see who can get more recruits in the month of June. Join the Patriot Games and help the Vols beat the Hoosiers! (In a friendly match, of course).

How do you join the Patriot Games? A recruiter has to invite you!

First, you must have an account at Click "Sign In" in the upper right corner and follow the instructions. If you have never signed to the site before, please sign in using your e-mail address. If you have signed in before with either Facebook or Twitter, make sure your e-mail address appears in your profile with the following steps: a) sign-in, b) click your name, c) click "update profile" and d) enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the page. e) click "Save" at the bottom.

Second, after you have created an account and provided your e-mail address, please send an e-mail to any one of the following twelve Tennessee Patriot Games recruiters and introduce yourself. They will get an invite out to you and then contact you to show you how the game is played! (Note that all of these dedicated players gained recruiter status in a matter of days -- in a couple of cases, less than a day!)