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The 2016 Piggy Book is Now Available

Piggy Book


January 11, 2017 -


At every turn, Nevadans are now faced with threats of higher taxes, from members of both major political parties. It can be called “bipartisanship,” but increasingly it’s become a kind of bi-partisan predation on taxpayers.

Despite the fiscally conservative rhetoric thrown around by Nevada politicians during election years, Carson City consistently caves to the political special interests peddling big-government schemes — knowing that taxpayers will ultimately be compelled to bail out the overspending.

So, what better way to deal with government’s uncanny ability to burn through tax dollars than by alerting citizens to some of the latest, specific examples of government’s penchant for wasting all that hard-earned tax money?

Therefore, the Nevada Policy Research Institute now presents the 2016 edition of The Nevada Piggy Book — an anthology of public-sector waste and abuse, illustrating the overspending and disregard for accountability that plagues governments of all levels in the Silver State.

While these stories are presented with a light touch, the reader should bear in mind that they document substantial waste, fraud and abuse —using money that would otherwise remain in the pockets of private Nevadans.

The true expense here is not the money lost from government coffers. It's the money — and thus the possibilities — taken from the economy, from small businesses and from citizens just like you.

Enjoy 2016’s Nevada Piggy Book.

Nevada legislators openly and knowingly violated the Nevada Constitution

By refusing the vote in favor of AJR 7, Nevada State Assembly Members violated their sworn constitutional duty to support an Article V Convention of the States.

RENO, NV, May 5 – Last month on April 9, several Nevada State Assembly Members of the Legislative Operations Committee violated the Nevada Constitution by voting against AJR 7, which requires state legislators to support and call for an Article V Convention of the States. In May, the Convention of States Project Nevada will run a full-page ad laying out the facts in the “Territorial Enterprise,” a new publication covering business and politics in the state of Nevada.

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