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Marty Wood Speaks in Monroe County

Indiana Coalitions Director, Marty Wood, is new to the world of politics. But when he heard about the Convention of States Project, he knew he had to get involved. 

Check-out the Indiana Daily Student's story on Marty's recent presentation in Monroe County:

Six months ago, Marty Wood had no interest in politics. His said his priorities were elsewhere.

But Tuesday night, Wood stood in front of a crowd of his fellow conservatives at the Monroe County Public Library to convince them why the U.S. Constitution needs to be amended.

“For years I was like most people,” Wood said in an interview before his presentation. “I did not get involved in politics. I had a career. I had a family. I was moving around the country with my job.”

If he did not before, Wood got his political fix Tuesday night as his presentation was followed by critical questions from fellow conservatives of Monroe County, many of whom were skeptical of his proposal.

Wood, a graduate of Purdue University, is the director of the Indiana Coalition for the Convention of States Project, a group that is looking to amend the U.S. Constitution.

The process in which the Wood’s group is proposing is through an Article 5 convention of states.

Article 5 states that if two-thirds of the states vote to agree, then a convention of the states can take place to discuss amending the Constitution.If any amendment is approved by three-fourths of the states, then it is adopted.

But Wood said he is not proposing any specific amendments, just a convention of the states.

“This project is not proposing anything,” Wood said. “This is all about getting the states in agreement and moving forward to call a convention of states.”

But Wood said he would like to see amendments proposed that address term limits, fiscal responsibility and the overall limitation of the power of government.

Robert Hall, founder of Grassroots Conservatives located in Monroe County, invited Wood to speak in front of his group. Hall said his group is made up of constitutional conservatives, libertarians, Republicans and independents.

Some of those who helped organized Tuesday night’s event said they were inspired to get involved with the project after reading radio talk show host Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments,” where he proposed an Article 5 convention.

“I’ve encouraged them to read the book, to learn about it,” Hall said of Levin’s book. “Everybody hears about it in a different way, but that was my inspiration.”

In addition to his leadership of Grassroots conservatives, Hall also serves as a district captain with the Convention of States Project.

Read the rest of the story here.

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