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Momentum builds in South Carolina

Aiken County legislators have voiced their approval of filing for an Article V Convention of States, and on Wednesday the Aiken Republican Club received a briefing on progress from Bob Menges, the state director of the effort.

S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor, R-Aiken, represented the state in introducing a bill, along with the state of Virginia, nearly a year ago on Dec. 3. At the time, Taylor said Washington, D.C., will never limit its own power, pass amendments to balance the budget or put term limits on itself.

Menges, a constitutional expert, co-signed on that belief and said the push for a Convention of States is a national effort to build grass-roots in at least 40 states to enact those changes.

“We’re trying to get what the Constitution provides for: An Article V Convention of States,” he said. “If passed, the states can propose amendments to do things that the federal government either can’t or won’t do.”

Menges informed the audience that the process would be a difficult one, but that momentum is building, especially among members of the Aiken County legislative delegation.


At the end of Menges’ address, Wagener resident Claude O’Donovan stood and said the meeting is the most important one the club has ever had.

“This is about saving the Republic,” he said. “The importance of this presentation – get on board with it. We’re going to make it happen.”

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