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Missouri Filibuster Action Needed Now

Missouri needs your help right away for this urgent call to action.

Your actions are paying off! These three democrats are saying there is no filibuster!  We need them to go to the Senate Leadership and tell them there is no filibuster or threat of a filibuster on HCR 57.  Instruct these two Senators to encourage Senate Leadership to "move on HCR 57".  

Please also remind these individuals that this is NOT a partisan issue. That’s why HCR 57 passed the Missouri House recently by an overwhelming majority—105 to 43!  This same measure passed overwhelming in 2015 in the Senate!!

And we have the votes we need to pass in the Senate, too. But a handful of Missouri Senators will do everything they can to stop this effort to put the brakes on Washington, D.C. Today this group began a filibuster of HCR 57—using their position as state legislators to talk about trivial things like seersucker suits in their closets to avoid doing the job they were sent to the capitol to do!

Remember: always be polite and respectful. Thank you for taking 10 minutes right now to help save America for the next generation.


Sen. Scott Sifton            (573) 751-0220

Sen. Jason Holsman       (573) 751-6607

Sen. Gina Walsh             (573) 751-2420

Please also easily email these Senators by clicking the button below!