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Will Missouri Comply With Transgender Edict?


President Obama Orders All School Districts in America

To Comply with his Transgender Edict:

Will You Stop This Kind of Abuse of Power?

On May 12, 2016, President Obama issued an executive order demanding that every school district in America comply with his policy preference on transgendered students using restrooms and shower rooms opposite of their birth. Regardless of one’s view on the merits of this idea, here are several uncontested facts:

  • Congress has never passed a law prohibiting “transgender discrimination”
  • President Obama’s administration has made this law
  • Article I, Sec. 1 of the Constitution says that Congress is to make all laws
  • States, not Congress, and certainly not the President are supposed to make law for local schools
  • It is not consistent with the original meaning of the General Welfare Clause to give the federal government the ability to control local policy through federal funding demands
  • The Supreme Court has approved this improper interpretation of the General Welfare Clause
  • This order is not the first abuse of these federal powers, and it will not be the last unless we stop it through a Convention of States

Do you want to live under a federal dictatorship or do you want to live in a federal, self-governing constitutional republic?

The Missouri Senate has the power to put a stop to this abuse of power once and for all.

Are there 18 Missouri Senators with the courage to stop this federal abuse of power by calling the Previous Question on HCR 57?

Or will they succumb to a continued pattern of federal abuse because it is un-traditional to use the power of calling the Previous Question?  It is time to use this power and courage to stop this federal dictatorship. 

Quickly email Missouri Senators by clicking this one-touch button to ask them to act now!



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