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Missouri Senator delays passage of Convention of States resolution

The Missouri Convention of States application in the senate (SCR 21) is being held up by one senator.

He insists on amending it. He knows better. He needs to hear from you, the citizens of Missouri!

He knows SCR 21 must be able to be aggregated with those from GA, FL, and AK. Those states are not going to go back and redo this process, and neither are the 34 other states where this EXACT LANGUAGE has been filed.

Time is running out! We need your help now.

This Senator needs to hear from you in every way possible!

Senator Jason Holsman
(573) 751-6607

Starting Thursday, April 16, at 8:00 AM CST PLEASE CALL HIS OFFICE. Call Thursday and again on Friday, and email him immediately.

Be POLITE to staff. Leave a PROFESSIONAL, but FIRM message. And feel free to use your own words. You can say something like this.

Senator Holsman,

You said on the Senate floor Tuesday that you support the use of Article V. You also said you are for a balanced budget amendment and term limits. You say you are for small government.

Please prove what you say with your actions. This is about our country's future. This is not a game.

SCR 21 calls for all of the things you say you support, but it CANNOT BE AMENDED and still be viable. Please do not let political games threaten Missouri's application.

If you really want to bring power back to the elected leaders in Missouri, please get on board.

This is serious. This is important to me AND my kids. Please stop playing games with our children's future.

Thanks for all your hard work in the great state of Missouri. I look forward to giving you the good news later this week!